Who runs the world? Bags.

Spring morning, coffee in hand, new bag on shoulder, let’s take on the day.

The time to waltz back to the outside world is drawing ever closer. As we lap up the opportunities of weekend outings on sunny Spring days, or meeting friends in the park on a lazy summer afternoon, whatever we do, we’ll be doing it in style.

Bid farewell to the joggers-and-a-nice-top-esque fashion that has consumed this year of zoom calls and WFH. The warmer weather is starting to peep back out from the shadows, and it feels like the world is opening up that bit more. We can finally venture out from our four walls we call home and go enjoy the outdoors, without compromising ourselves and others safety. And what does anything new call for? Exciting fashion opportunities. It’s finally time to revel in a brand new Spring wardrobe and welcome our favourite little companions back into our lives, not only as a vital bag for our outside expeditions, but also as our new love as we hopelessly fall head-over-heels for the shades and shapes this season brings.

IDEAL OF SWEDEN releasing a striking new product portfolio is the positive news we all needed to hear, to give us a glimmer of hope and draw us nearer to those long, sun-kissed days calling our names. Through what feels to have been the longest stretch of time wearing dreary same-old-same-old pieces whilst slouched across our sofas, it feels like things are coming together for what is perhaps to be the most sought-after Spring this generation has seen. Who’d have thought we would be so yearning for a simple stroll in the park, feeling the gentle warmth of the sun on our face?

Inspired by the feelings of the moment, this collection’s bags are crafted for every occasion, because let’s face it, are we ever saying no to anything ever again, even if it is just to walk around the block? Meticulously designed in IDEAL OF SWEDEN’s Stockholm studio, the Spring Summer ‘21 bags embrace the symbiosis of cutting edge design and modern practicality that translates through the shape and thought process of each bag, and can seamlessly be combined with the current range of accessories to suit your virtuoso of daily fashion functions. Paying homage to high-fashion looks with contemporary adaptability, the range exudes effortless Spring/Summer style with delicately crafted designs and careful detailing, down to individual stitches, each focussing on this season’s bold and alluring textures, Snake and Croco.

From pouches to cross-bodies and belt bags, the designs are irresistibly playful and instantly identifiable to IDEAL OF SWEDEN by the newest feature introduced this season: three hooks on each side for the new on-the-go you (because why attach one Mini Bag when you can sport several?).